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Types of Paid Ad Formats – What You Should know About Paid Adverting


Online advertising will continue to be one of the fastest growing areas of Marketing along with video marketing and content management for websites. This is because users are increasingly replacing traditional entertainment and information media with inquiries, product reviews and purchases through social networks and the Internet.


Here is a compilation with more than 20 types of paid advertising so you can compare what type of campaign and ad format best suits your budget and achieve your advertising goals.


15 Types of paid advertising and ad formats


Google Adwords Search Network Advertising

Visibility: in the Google search engine

Format: text ads


The Google Adwords search network is the most used by advertisers whose main objective is to get clicks (traffic) and conversions through their ads because you reach users who are looking for your products.


Depending on how good you are choosing keywords and depending on how relevant your ads are in relation to those keywords, you will have more or less success.


The star format in this type of campaign is the text ad that consists of a 25 character title, a visible URL to show your domain, and two descriptive lines of 35 characters each. In addition, you can add ad extensions to make it bigger and with more information.


Advertising on the Google Ads display network

Visibility: on Google websites and partners

Format: image, text, video and rich media ads



The Google display network is ideal for new brands whose main objective is the visibility of their ads and that have a well-defined target audience (age, gender, interests, etc.). Apart from notoriety and branding, you can also get profitability and conversions, but you should keep in mind that, according to Hubspot in this article on click through rates:



On the display the ads are of image (banners) and you have the option to show them in millions of publishers (websites) associated with the display inventory.


The good thing is that, if you have little budget to hire a designer, display campaigns incorporate an ad editor and an ad gallery with predefined templates and styles that you can customize to create banners of various sizes and formats: image in html5 , interactive lightboxes or videos.


 Advertising with shopping campaigns


Visibility: in the Google search engine

Format: product listing ads (image + text)


Shopping campaigns share space in the Google search engine with search campaigns. They are a good option for large ecommerce and off / online product stores as it combines branding and conversion goals.


To be able to start up Shopping campaigns you have to follow these steps:


  • Sign up for Google Merchant Center
  • Link Merchant with your Adwords account
  • Create a data feed that includes the description and attributes of the products.
  • Set up the campaign and ad groups


Product listing ads are characteristic for including a product image, a description of 70 characters or less, price (mandatory) and a visible URL with your domain.


 Advertising and video campaigns

Visibility: mainly Youtube

Format: trueview video ads


The best branding campaigns are those that include video ads. It is the most direct, intense and enveloping format of the moment, as some referents of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg point out. In addition, with the videos you will, on average, attract twice as many users as with an image or text.


Google Adwords video campaigns work primarily with CPC (cost per click) and CPV (cost per view) bids. They are cheap and easy to set up, especially when you have an active YouTube channel and you have resources to create and edit your videos.


Two formats are mostly used: the trueview in-display ad, which appears to the right of the video as a playback suggestion and the trueview in-stream ads that are activated before watching a video.


You also have the option of targeting video ads on websites and activating these types of campaigns on Twitter and Facebook Ads. For YouTube I recommend that you read the final Guide with strategies and tips for YouTube channels and the Tips to optimize your YouTube channel.

Mobile advertising

Visibility: mobile devices and tablets

Format: image, text or video ads


Who does not have a smartphone or Iphone today? Obviously, but also, who does not live hooked, to a greater or lesser extent, on his mobile? Everybody! That is why mobile-oriented advertising is increasingly relevant. It is undoubtedly the best way to reach users wherever they are.


In Google Adwords display campaigns, you can target ads in mobile applications or even sponsor your own application on Google Play with the new “Universal Application Campaigns.”


If you want to target your mobile advertising, you should keep in mind that the user’s behavior is different from that of a computer. Choose a responsive web template and adapt the design and contents of your landing page to the maximum. Bet on direct and short messages, neutral colors and buttons with clear and proportionate calls to action.


Advertising by reservation on YouTube

Visibility: YouTube homepage

Format: masthead ads

They are special campaigns that work by reservation instead of the traditional auction and that consists of hiring for a day (24h) a banner called “Masthead” of 970 x 250 pixels that is shown on the YouTube homepage.


They are campaigns that require more budget, compared to others, and can be paid for impressions or for a CPD cost per fixed day, which can vary according to the final format, the supplements and the country for which it is requested between € 10,000 / day at € 60,000 / day approx.


All the previous sections are part of Google Adwords. If you are interested you can also get the official Google certifications. Here you have some tips to pass the exams. I also teach a course in Classroom CM that can be useful if you want to get certified.


Visibility: websites, Facebook and Twitter

Format: image or video ads


It is the # 1 online segmentation technique for good performance and high% return on investment (ROI) that involves small and large advertisers. With remarketing you can show the ad only to people who have previously visited your website and can differentiate between: those who have left without buying and those who have bought.


Be careful because misused remarketing can become aggressive and you can think of your brand things like: “how heavy, all day chasing me!” With a good configuration and creating specific remarketing lists it doesn’t have to be negative, but everything On the contrary, useful for the user and very profitable for your pocket.


It is necessary to insert a <html /> tag on your website that memorizes visitors’ cookies and links that information to your remarketing lists.


Apart from standard remarketing, in Google Adwords you can configure a more advanced remarketing called dynamic remarketing. Share the concept of normal, but it differs in the format of the ad, which is now dynamic, and in that it is necessary to create and corresponding upload of a data feed to your Adwords account.


The data feed or product feed for dynamic ads is similar to Shopping campaigns, except for the fact that you don’t have to sign up for Google Merchant Center and you can create it directly from the Shared Library of your account . Depending on your sector and to incorporate more information into the ad, you must add some special attributes with code <html> in the standard remarketing tag.


Advertising with Facebook Ads

Visibility: main and / or lateral news feed

Format: image or video ads

Facebook is still another of the great options when investing in advertising and stands out from other platforms for offering the advertiser segmentation filters that allow you to reach people with specific personal characteristics such as: age, studies, sentimental situation, job position, specific behaviors and interests. If you are clear about how your target audience is, you can get great results.


Designing a good advertising strategy in Facebook Ads is the key to later obtain results. Currently, there are 10 types of campaigns each focused on one goal. The most commonly used are: “promote your publication”, “attract people to your website”, “increase conversions” and “increase video views”.


If you already have good content on your Fan Page, I advise you to create a calendar to invest in specific days of each month and promote your best publications. You will be able to increase the virality of the post and reactivate your fans.


You could also activate remarketing on Facebook to reach users who visit your website but are not yet your fans, that guarantees you to reach more receptive people who somehow already know you. And try some video playback campaign. It is proven that they get more interaction and impact than any other type of format.


Direct Contract Advertising

Visibility: websites

Format: image and video ads

It is one of the oldest advertising methods and I like to plan it in 3 steps: research, negotiation and contract. It consists neither more nor less, than finding the most visited websites in your sector and contacting the department in charge of advertising (research), comparing prices and available formats (negotiation) and reaching an economic agreement of so much money for so many clicks or leads achieved (contract).


Rate the volume of traffic on the page where the ad appears, using, for example, Similarweb as a tool to compare with each other. Also ask about the available space: top, side or footer and the size of the banner. On the other hand, select websites where your ad is in a context relevant to what you offer. Take care of these aspects to get good results.


Affiliate Advertising and Marketing

Visibility: Youtube

Format: trueview video ads

In advertising through affiliate platforms or affiliate marketing, 3 roles come into play: the advertiser, the webmaster and the intermediary that puts them in touch. The affiliation platform represents the third role, and helps brands and people who have websites, to reach an economic agreement to show the ads. Of course, as you can imagine, the platform takes a percentage of the profits.


You may be interested in this option if you are looking for a quick solution and want to see at a glance the market of supply and demand and offer a commission in exchange for showing your ads. I recommend: Zanox, Commission Junction, Amazon Associates or the renewed Rakuten Affiliate.


Collaborative Blog Advertising

Visibility: relevant blogs

Format: mentions, links, videos and texts

This modality is relatively new and many brands are still unaware of its advantages. If you want to do collaborative advertising, detect who are the referents and bloggers of your sector, to pay them in exchange for writing a post talking about a product or service you offer.


It does not have to be always with money, sometimes you can reach an agreement of another type, special discount, batch of products, try the service for free, etc., when you are interested in both.


Do not focus only on blogs, also look for Youtubers collaborators with their own channel to sponsor in a video a mention or talk about your product. The costs may be minimal with the impact you may have.


Twitter advertising

Visibility: user news feed

Format: tweets and twitter cards


Twitter continues to increase the number of companies that already know and have their own advertising campaigns active. Compared to Facebook, we could say that it has just broken the shell, but points out unique ways and segmentation filters such as:


  • Segment by users: to reach the followers or followers of your competition
  • Segment on television: to reach people who follow, write tweets and retweet content related to current television series and programs.


Curious right?


To make the ads stand out from the rest of the tweets, create several Twitter Cards by combining different images, texts, calls to action and colors to add several to the same campaign and then compare which one worked best for you.


After choosing one of the objectives, set a maximum daily budget, the total budget and if you want a specific amount per click with a manual CPC bid. Twitter can be very profitable and get a boost of visibility for less than € 50. Study the results after each campaign to see if you should replicate it or keep it in time.


Instagram advertising

Visibility: Instagram news feed

Format: image ad



Since October 2015 we can also do campaigns on Instagram. Facebook has incorporated this service from its ad manager and its famous Power Editor, so that the management of these campaigns will be linked to your Facebook account.


If you have resources to promote your products through quality images, you want to increase your visibility and consider that in Instragram you can reach your target community-audience, it can be a great alternative.


The costs per click to the website are very cheap! Between 0.01-0.02 and competition with other brands is infinitely smaller than on Facebook or Google Display. Take advantage now that is the novelty because this will not last forever 


In this guide to create ads on Instagram you will find all the steps to link your account and create effective ads.


Linkedin Ads Advertising

Visibility: news feed and Linkedin sidebar

Format: text and image ads

Linkedin ads are, at the moment, the most expensive compared to other platforms such as Twitter or Facebook but if you are clear that your target audience is on this network, it may be good to try with a small budget and see if it works for you.


Linkedin ads can be customized by incorporating your own images and sales arguments. You can also choose to promote the best content, articles and tips that you have published on your company page.


Regardless of whether the minimum CPC is around € 2 per click, your campaigns can be very profitable. I advise you if you go to other companies and not the end customer and if your company is dedicated to the training, employment or sale of items with high purchasing power, such as cars, luxury travel, insurance, logistics, business , etc.


Free advertising portals

Visibility: directories

Format: text and image ads

There are platforms where you can place your ad for free, did you know? They may not generate as much traffic and sales as Google Adwords, YouTube or Facebook but it can be an alternative advertising channel if you have zero or little budget. It is also a way to publicize your products and services.


The most used classified ads websites are Craigslist, Backpage, and Locanto, but there are many more classified in this list depending on whether you want the web to be responsive, exchange banners, with the possibility of video formatting, etc.

Latest tips for your online advertising


In case you still have doubts that advertising can be a great ally along with your social media strategy, I summarize in 3 points its advantages and going to optimize your campaigns well, you can take advantage of:


  • Low cost or affordable prices because you choose the platform you choose, you can get real results and profitability for much less money than if you advertised on TV, radio, press, magazines and online spaces. You set the maximum to spend.#Tip: invest little by little until you have more experience and adjust the budget of each campaign, thinking about achievable goals.
  • Mix of immediacy, control and multimedia because on average you will not have to wait more than 24 hours for your campaign to be active, because you can stop them, pause them or program them as much as you want and because all the platforms are adapted with visual formats: graphic and video according to the tendency. That translates into maximum flexibility.


#Tip: campaigns created for specific dates, with start and end, concentrate the budget in less time, so they are usually more effective.


Current and specific segmentation filters. The options when it comes to segmenting campaigns change as the use we make of the internet and social networks evolves. With online advertising you will always be up to date to reach a specific target audience using filters such as: location, age, gender, language, browsing and buying interests, behaviors or even personal characteristics.


#Tip: study your target audience from Google Analytics and Facebook statistics to make segmentation a success.


I hope you found the summary interesting and encourage you to try some of the advertising options to enhance your brand. Don’t forget to optimize and review your campaign reports daily. Also to continue training and investigate everything possible to be a better advertiser. 


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